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 Know The Rules. They're the Commandments You Must Follow.

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Xavier Hana
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Lunar Werewolf Alpha

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PostSubject: Know The Rules. They're the Commandments You Must Follow.   Sun Aug 02, 2009 9:54 pm

General Rules:
~ No god-modding of coarse. It's annoy, you know that. Don't be that guy. If you don't know what god-modding is the definition is (from your handy Urban Dictionary) God-Modding
~ Don't spam or double-post. You can normally only double-post if you're lone wolfing something or no one has posted in the topic for quite some time.
~ Please Recycle topics. I personally don't like a topic that's been made four or five times because no one has posted in them for a while. Be a RP hippie!
~ Don't bad-mouth someone. Again, don't be that guy >.>...
~Keep the hard core, sexual content in pms. We don't like reading you having internet sex, giving a virtual blow-job, etc...
~Anyone who actually has a big rank like an Admin, leader of a group or tribe, etc... Must be on a lot. The Admins have the right to take away the title of someone who hasn't been on in two months without a reason.

If you need ANY help, the Admins are always here for that. We like helping ^^ it's our adminy duty.



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Know The Rules. They're the Commandments You Must Follow.
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