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Xavier Hana
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Lunar Werewolf Alpha
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PostSubject: THE ROLE-PLAYING RULES   Sun Aug 02, 2009 10:08 pm

~At least three liners people. We don't like one line posts.
~Always be as descriptive as you can. Point out what your character is feeling or what's around them. EX: She didn't have any idea who she was going to make the RP rules, her uncertainty making her even more nervous as she typed out the example. The hot room she was in made her warm and her palms sweat.
~ Italicize what your character is thinking.
~Don't do a million things in one post.
~No liquid time here. This means you can not be in one place and in another at the same time. This may be a magical palce of magic and wonder...BUT reality still kinda exists.
~Quote " " what you say and just type out actions. EX: "I hate it here." He said, banning his head on the wall. Yes in deed, he did hate it here.

~ Your character must act the way he/she was described upon creation, however, it can obviously change its personality, regarding the fact that events and meeting other RPers' characters affect one's personality (I took this from another RP site 'cause I couldn't make it any better my self ;D)
~When Reg. your character, make sure to follow the template.
~Be create!

You require a valid RP-Reason to attack and kill another character. This will heighten the experience of your character's development and prevent random killing from happening;
~ Role-Play is about giving and taking. You cannot dodge forever, be realistic;
~ No auto-hitting. e.g: I slash at your chest and make a deep wound in it <- Auto-Hitting
~ No godmodding. godmodding is when you perform an action that your character is unable to perform. e.g.: I flicker in mid-air. It's impossible to flicker in mid-air, just an example;
~If you are fighting in a group battle, please follow the Battle Order;
~ Read your opponent's post fully to avoid arguments. If there is something you do not understand, PM them. It gets annoying when a fight gets full of OOC posting, which takes to spam;
~You must wait 48 hours for your opponent to post. If he/she has taken longer than that, you can assume he has escaped the battle topic and, therefore, post your victory or continue with the battle (in case of group battle. also if you are going to be gone longer than that period of time, please state that in your posts or contact somebody about your absence)

This 'fighting' thinger was copied from another site again, because I couldn't put it any way better than this! Also laziness set in finally.



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