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 Sticky: Mask Reg.

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Xavier Hana
Lunar Werewolf Alpha
Lunar Werewolf Alpha
Xavier Hana

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PostSubject: Sticky: Mask Reg.   Sun Aug 02, 2009 10:22 pm

Can you plz make sure the # of posts the lvs take and use up.

 Mask name:

Special ability: (It's like an element or whatever your mask does for you)

Regular (lv1)- (It's part of the special ability that you don't have to learn in training)

Masked (lv2)- (To learn this lv. of your mask, you must have posted 200 words and counting in training about learning the lv.)

Hidden (lv3)- (300 words when in the Mask Exams. You can only Get to this level if you have passed the exams)

Secret (lv4)- (500 words when you have passed all exams)

I'm actually being easy on the word text-tile in the posts in training for you. I've seen some sites where you have to have about 700 or so words.

****IF your Race if Soul Vampire, then you may gain fusion with your mask. You must have All levels of your mask before you can even ask for it. After, that you must seek out and find the Darkara clan leader. She will infuse the mask with your body. You must retrain your mask for 550 words to learn to control the mask while ou are fused. Any questions pm Dusk.



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Sticky: Mask Reg.
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