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 Gabrielle Rabella [Complete]

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Xavier Hana
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Lunar Werewolf Alpha
Xavier Hana

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PostSubject: Gabrielle Rabella [Complete]   Tue Aug 04, 2009 7:05 pm

Name: Gabrielle Rabella

Mask: Auris Proventus

Age: 19

Creature: Lunar Werewolf

Appearance: Human appearance is my siggy.


Bio: Gabby is a laid back kinda person, knowing right from wrong, and always putting her duty before herself. The woman likes her logic, but can be a little wild at times, seeming to always be in a good mood and is always up for a good laugh. Even though the virtue is a peaceful thing, she is an enemy you won't wanna make. She's a beastly thing.

History: Gabrielle was born into a simple life. Parents, siblings, a nice little life. Until one day she was swept up off her feet by a man she had met in a forest not too far from her home. He told her about the Power House, the Sins and Virtues, about the creatures that lured around the world her family hid from. One day, when Gabby was 15, the man told her he would take her to the Power House and they rode to the forest they had met. That's where the man had then morphed from the handsome person to a black, pelted wolf. He bit her under the moon light, and left her there.

Gabrielle awoke the next day, a beautifully crafted mask at her side. Her sences hightened and a white new, animal body, she went off and searched for this wonderful land her stranger had told her about. The rest is now as she is today. The Leader of Virtues as Prudence and the Leader of the Lunar Clan.

[OOC: not my best story I've made, but w/e. I'm tired today]




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Gabrielle Rabella [Complete]
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