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 Darkara Clan Mask

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Xylina Darkara
Sin of Wrath/Darkara Clan Leader
Sin of Wrath/Darkara Clan Leader

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PostSubject: Darkara Clan Mask   Wed Aug 05, 2009 6:55 pm

Special ability: Amplifys the power usage of Magic. And also alows summoning of Shadows.

Regular (lv1)- Up's the Magic users power usage by only a little...it will alow some spells to be more powerful.

Masked (lv2)- Allows Magic user to summon his/her shadow...for defense.

Hidden (lv3)- Allows the Shadow to be used as a weapon or in a spell.

Secret (lv4)- Allowe the Magic User full power...to use the strongest of spells. They can multiply their Shadow and/or make the Shadow more stronger. This level can be fatal if not used correctly. (Can either kill or hurt you badly.)

The Mask is plain, full and whtie so that our Opponent cannot see our emotions flood our face when fighting.

Link for Mask:

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Xavier Hana
Lunar Werewolf Alpha
Lunar Werewolf Alpha

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PostSubject: Re: Darkara Clan Mask   Wed Aug 05, 2009 7:04 pm

Can you clan put the picture up for the appearance of the mask. I's forgottz 2 put that in the Code which I will correct at this moment.

Other than that though, approved~



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Darkara Clan Mask
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