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 Intro to Reason

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Reason Roth
Reason Roth

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About:: Her mother named her Reason, because it sounded better than Rationality or Logic.

PostSubject: Intro to Reason   Fri Aug 07, 2009 1:29 pm

She ran. She ran fast, and she ran hard. The hot tears crowded at the corners of her wide eyes, and they spilled over one by one. Eriq, she thought, He saved my life and now he's dead. Oh, Eriq!
She could hear the hunter's shouts, and the crackling of fire as the village known as Solace was burned to the forest floor. She continued to run. For one year she would run. She jumped over a collapsed tree and then fell to the forest floor at the base of a red-wood. She sobbed and the tears dropped onto the silk of her pale pink dress. Her cascade of long, golden hair was frazzled and had small twigs and leaves stuck in it. She closed her eyes and drifted into a remorseful sleep. Eriq....


Reason awakens with a jolt and wipes the salty tears from her eyes. It's been one whole year since that day..., she thinks. Reason stands and looks about at the forest around her.

"Today, I am going to find a town, and get me something to eat!" She encourages herself quietly and starts out towards the dirt path on the other side of the under-brush.
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Intro to Reason
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