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 Dara the Nephilim

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PostSubject: Dara the Nephilim   Sun Sep 13, 2009 6:47 pm

Name: Dara S. Kings

Mask: What?

Age: 30 but look like im 20 due to race

Creature: Nephilim

Appearance: Pic o-o

Bio: My character acts like a cat, always clinging to things he knows and staying away from people he dosnt. So it is rather hard for him to meet people but if he likes you, well you can not get rid of him. (Unless you chop off a few limbs..) But all in all he is a nice person, untill he puts on his mask becuse his mask hides his face he can freely go about doing as he pleases. So he is rather rude a crule to people he meets with his mask on...

History: His mother was human, his father the angel he was born in Greece but learned to speak more then one tounge at a young age of seven. That was do to the higher thinking he had gotten from his father. He lived out most of his life in greece and lived rather happly untill an angel killed both his mother and father. Due to his being an Nephilim who was hated by all angels. He feld and shockingly got away. He feld to (where ever this takes place XD) At the age of 17 he had all but forgotten his mother and fathers death but he lived on.

After another three years he seemd to be rather bored of all that he was doing. (work eat sleep) and started to mess around wearing a mask and stealing from places (which I will do later on he will) As he slow got better and better at stealing he slowly and slowly got happyer and happyer. He moved up in class from the money he got from steal and lived on the high life (to him) and this is where he starts off. In a three bedroom flat in the middle of town.
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Dara the Nephilim
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