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 Monteverde, Clarice

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Clarice Monteverde

Clarice Monteverde

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PostSubject: Monteverde, Clarice   Wed Sep 23, 2009 9:25 pm

Name: Monteverde, Clarice


Age: 18



Clarice is a cheery young woman who is always positive. She loves the outdoors, and also loves the fine arts. She is easily frightened by anything unusual. Clarice will try to be as polite as she possibly can. She loves to help and will push herself for the well being others.

History: Clarice was born the last and only female out of four children in a noble family. She was introduced to the art world at a very young age and grew to love and appreciate it. At the age of five, she began playing the piano. Three years later, began developing a singing voice. Soon after that, she began composing different pieces for various insturments like the harp, flute, violin, and cello. Her three older brothers became more and more over protective as Clarice grew up. Although not greedy, she has always gotten anything her heart's desire, even to the day.
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Xylina Darkara
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Sin of Wrath/Darkara Clan Leader
Xylina Darkara

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PostSubject: Re: Monteverde, Clarice   Wed Oct 07, 2009 5:10 pm

Sorry it took so long! Gabby didn't tell me I was in charge of this at the moment. APPROVED!


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Monteverde, Clarice
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