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 Kaosu Hasu (Revised)

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Kaosu Hasu
Sin of Greed
Kaosu Hasu

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PostSubject: Kaosu Hasu (Revised)   Fri Dec 04, 2009 9:21 pm

NOT DONE YET DONT LOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Kaosu Hasu

Mask: Shinkuu Yuukan

Age: 19

Creature: Half Breed (Human/Demon)


History: Belial...the name that was essence of fear itself. He was a corrupt demon known through out the lands but before he was a cruel beast he was something else, a creature of both virtue and sin. Belial was the bastard son of the Unholy Lord Lucifer and the female angel Anael. Belial spent his young life bound to earth for his hybrid blood banished him from both Heaven and Hell. The humans rejected him for his appearance, he had the looks of a beautiful angel but the wings and horns of a demon. Belial was cast out from everything and from that hate built within. He wanted to destroy the humans for banishing him when he had nothing. He wandered day and night for many years thinking of ways to flow his hate into a mercifulness revenge. One day Belial asked his father for help complete his vengeance and a deal was made. The deal was Belial would purge all of his angel heritage to become a full demon and in return if Belial was ever beaten in any kind of duel his soul would belong to his father. Belial signed in a blood agreement to the contract and it was final.

With his new form he caused fear and terror for many years, killing thousands of souls. During one of his raids the demon's eyes set upon a beautiful maiden. A new feeling emerged from inside, this feeling was unknown to him. All he knew was hate but now even more resided inside. Belial killed all of the opposing men and approached the women. He asked for her named and in return he got a shriek of terror. He continued to pursue the maiden and after little try she replied with "Lilith". Belial craved to be with the women and when he proposed this she rejected him out of fear. The unknown feeling inside of Belial washed away as it was replaced by anger and the memories of rejection flowed back into his mind. He roared in hate as he began to beat Lilith. So much anger and hate flowed within Belial that he passed it onto a seed which then buried itself within the maiden. The raid was over and Belial left. The only regret Belial ever had in his life was of his actions that day. Lilith lived to the help of a passing caravan and Belial continued to wreck havoc across the land and after years of destruction one person finally stood up to him, Sir Safir.

After only a few days from the raid the knight confronted the demon. Sir Safir was bold and showed no fear to the beast. Belial laughed at the man as he knew that the man couldn't defeat him. Safir's face remained confident as he placed all of his equipment onto the ground one by one. First his sword, then his armor, then everything else but his clothes. The noble man looked into Belial's eyes and challenged him to not a duel of strength but a duel a wits. Belial chucked for even if he lost the duel of wits he could just kill the man and no one would ever know.

Lilith fell in love with one of the caravan men and they married. She grew pregnant and the day she gave birth was the day she knew true love...and true fear. Her baby had horns. It was the spawn of Belial. Lilith's husband tried to kill it but she wouldn't let him for it was also a spawn of her. They cut off the horns and circumcised him to try to make him as pure as he could be. Lilith and her husband raised the child and hadn't given it a name yet. The child was quite the trouble maker so Lilith named him Kaosu...the name of Chaos. They raised the child until he was the age of seven. Lilith told Kaosu that Adam (Lilith's Husband) was not his father. She revealed Kaosu's origins to him and that he needed to die before the village saw his newly growing horns and convicted her of being a demon. Lilith pulled out a dagger and started towards Kaosu. It all went black for Kaosu. He awoke to the color of red, from both blood and fire. Kaosu's village was lit aflame and bodies lied across the ground mangled and appeared to be eaten. Fear and sorrow engulfed Kaosu. He screamed and cried throughout the night. Once the sun showed its light he was empty. He stood and searched for his mother, everywhere he looked was a familiar worn out face. Kaosu stumbled upon Lilith...his mother. She was dead with cold open eyes. Her entrails were spilled about her. Kaosu fell to his knees and cried his empty sorrow onto his motherís chest. After awhile he stood and left the burning village behind along with the smell of burning flesh.

Kaosu wondered for days in the wilderness, thirsty and hungry. On a hot day his vision was blurred and he was weak. He knew he would die. Kaosu continued to walk as long as he could until he fell, but when he fell it wasn't onto hard ground but a cold river stream. Kaosu was brought back to life as he drank all the water he could. After his gut was full of water he bathed himself. During his bath he looked into the water and saw his reflection. The fear that filled his previous day had once again emerged. Kaosu had horns, sharp teeth, and a bloodied face. Then a voice echoed inside of his head. It told him to rip off his horns. Kaosu out of fear did as the voice said. After breaking the horns off and many minutes of screams and tears he returned to the appearance of a normal boy. The voice continued and told him how to live. Kaosu built a house in the forest by the stream. The voice told him how to survive. Kaosu hunted animals and cooked them. He explored around the forest and found a couple villages. Kaosu made acquaintances with them so he could trade. After he was able to survive on his own the voice stopped. He lived in the wilderness only returning to humanity for other essentials. Kaosu lived this way until his seventieth birthday and then his whole life changed.

Bio: Kaosu gives off a strange vibe, one that says leave me alone. He likes solitude but is also afraid to be alone. He is cold, serious, and stubborn. Kaosu gets angry easily but secretly has a big heart.
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Kaosu Hasu (Revised)
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