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 Reason Roth ~ Renewed

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Reason Roth

Number of posts : 259
Age : 27
Race : Mermaid
Mask : Glacies Mask
Married/Dating : Mine. <3
Registration date : 2009-08-06

Character sheet
Legue: Neutral
About:: Her mother named her Reason, because it sounded better than Rationality or Logic.

PostSubject: Reason Roth ~ Renewed   Sat Dec 05, 2009 1:51 pm

Name: Reason Roth

Mask: Glacies Mask

Age: 17

Creature: Mermaid

Appearance: Avatar

Bio: Reason is quiet and reserved. She tends to keep to herself, but when provoked she can have a nasty bark and bite.

History: When Reason was 7 her underwater village of Solace was invaded by humans who discovered the land of mermaids. Reason had managed to escape the attack with her best friend, Eriq. They survived in the brutal oceanic wilderness until they were sixteen. The band of humans had found them when they had surfaced for food in a stream at some desolate village. Reason had been caught in a net, and therefore was restrained. Eriq, morphing into his human form, leapt at the men and managed to release Reason from her restraints. Reason morphed into her own human form as Eriq forced her to run. And run she did. She ran into the depths of the nearby forest and when she finally stopped she could hear the unsheathing of a sword and a strangled scream. Reason ran even farther into the woods, tears gathering at her eyes as the sound of her dead lover's screams rang in her ears. She's been traveling for a year when Mistress Xylina found her in the Morte Forest and took her in as a test subject...
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Xavier Hana
Lunar Werewolf Alpha
Lunar Werewolf Alpha

Number of posts : 1646
Age : 26
Race : Lunar Werewolf
Mask : Auris Proventus-Earth Growing
Registration date : 2008-08-19

Character sheet
Legue: Neutral

PostSubject: Re: Reason Roth ~ Renewed   Sat Dec 05, 2009 5:49 pm

Okay I'll accept this, but I'm not sure how I fee about people just changing their characters all willy-nilly. :/ But I guess I'll just have to stick that in my juice box and suck it.




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Reason Roth ~ Renewed
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