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 Fae Telepathia

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PostSubject: Fae Telepathia   Mon Jan 06, 2014 3:32 pm

As a faerie based masked, there would not be violent undertones.
Levels stack. Mask retains the abilities of lvl 1 when in lvl 2. etc.
All abilities are able to be controlled by wearer. ie, does not have to listen to everyone's memories all time.

Special ability: Allows the wearer to telepathically connect (send information) to other beings as long as the other being is in possession of the black jewel (as see in the picture). Being cannot communicate back.

Regular (lv1)- Allows wearer to see memories and thoughts that other being allows wearer to see. Must be in possession of the black jewel.

Masked (lv2)- Possession of the black jewel allows mask wearer to fabricate realities in possessors mind. Lasts up to 4 posts.

Hidden (lv3)-Area effect, allows special ability on up to three beings in a 20 feet radius.

Secret (lv4)- Area effect, allows lvl 1 ability by up to three beings in a 20 feet radius.

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PostSubject: Re: Fae Telepathia   Mon Jan 06, 2014 3:36 pm




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Fae Telepathia
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