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 Xander Darkara

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Xander Darkara

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Age : 29
Race : Warlock
Mask : Darkara Clan Mask
Married/Dating : Single
Registration date : 2009-10-06

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Legue: Neutral

PostSubject: Xander Darkara   Wed Oct 07, 2009 6:12 pm

Name: Xander Darkara

Mask: Darkara Clan Mask

Age: 20

Creature: Warlock

Appearance: [img:4048]https://2img.net/h/i438.photobucket.com/albums/qq107/Kira-Karix-chan/AnimeGuy.jpg[/img:4048]

Bio: Xander is a very dark person. Even though he has anger issues he is nowhere near as bad as Xylina or Xadan. He seems to be more gentle nature than those two, even though he could kill someone without a reason. His eyes when looked into look almost soul-less and empty, but to his sibilings he is hell. Him and Xylina are more alike than he is like Xadan.

History: When Xander was sixteen he left to go train with Xadan, the two stayed together for three years before he left to train on his own at nineteen. Even though his training wasn't much he knew a lot from his childhood, such as that Father seemed to favor Xylina over all of them. He always told them that she was special and would one day rule us all. Xander was actually pretty close to his sister for only being a year apart, the two did everything togetehr when they were younger, but as they grew and their shadows became stronger. She drifted away unwillingly due to their father; this made Xander jealous and hate his sister. He tried many times to prove to his father that he was worthy to train with him, but each time his father looked down on him and helped Xylina. Eventually his sister and his dad left. Leaving him, his mother, and Victoria. As time passed and no word from them he left.

When he began to train with Xadan he was suprised to find out that his brother was just as envious towards their sister, but never showed it. The two shared a bond after that, always staying together...and killing together. But one day he left to find Xylina and when he did, he found out that their father had died and she was with their Grandparents. Xander and Xadan went to the house, but only found blood covered floors and walls. It was then that Xadan left him, he had his own mission to complete. Xander didn't let it go so easily though, he swore that he would find his sister one day and find out why she was so special. His life had one purpose: To Prove He Was Better....
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Xander Darkara
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